7.000 m of railroad track

7main sidings


The Port Authority is integrated in the main land transportation networks, with a rail link to the national railway network and a highway that together guarantee fast and safe transportation of goods to any point in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

 The Port of Marín has over 7 kilometres of railroad track. It has 7 main lines with sidings for the different goods that allow for operations involving extra-long train configurations with no partitions. The Port Authority has its own highly-specialised personnel trained as Rail Traffic Managers for the arrival and dispatch of goods trains. Private operators also have specialist personnel and their own haulage vehicles.



The Port is a leader in ship-rail intramodality and is one of the top ports in Spain in terms of percentage of goods transported by rail. Currently it handles rolling stock for containers, coils of steel sheet and bulk agri-food.


Tráfico ferroviario en 2019 (Toneladas)


VAGONES CARGADOS 1.067 7.017 8.084
VAGONES VACÍOS 6.164 178 6.342
TOTAL VAGONES 7.231 7.195 14.426
TOTAL TONELADAS 5.225 304.355 309.580