The Border Inspection Post in the Port of Marín, extended in 2018, is one of the most modern and best equipped border control facilities in the north-west of the Iberian Peninsula.
These facilities make it possible to provide a speedy response to the needs of the powerful coldstore industry at the Port of Marín, which is home to over 260,000 cubic metre of cold storage space, more than 500 reefer connections at its container terminal, and one of the most important fruit wholesale hubs on the Atlantic Arc.

The EXTERNAL HEALTH facilities, where frozen fishing and other goods intended for human consumption are inspected, now has SEVEN LOADING BAYS and ample pre-freezer operating space where containers are unloaded and goods sorted. The plant also has freezing, cooling and room temperature chambers, changing rooms and a large inspection hall, as well as admin offices, a crane and lifting gear to enable large fish to be handled.

The VEGETABLE/RAH HEALTH department, where goods of plant origin such as fruit, vegetables or timber are inspected, now have TWO loading bays and the necessary pre-storage facilities for container unloading and goods sorting, freezing and cooling chambers, as well as changing rooms and an inspection room, in addition to the relevant admin offices.

The ANIMAL HEALTH department, where goods of animal origin or destined to feed animals, such as grain, fodder or flour, are inspected, has ONE loading bay and the relevant pre-storage facilities for unloading containers and sorting goods, freezing and room temperature chambers, as well as changing rooms and an inspection room, admin offices, etc.

The SOIVRE (Official Dept of Export Inspection, Surveillance and Regulation) also has its own inspection hall, changing rooms and offices, thus allowing for speedier service by the agency in its inspections of export goods.

The BIP is fitted with access ramps for the handicapped, common services and waiting areas for operators.
Its services are completed with direct management by the Port Authority via a highly specialist team with a vocation for customer service, who continuously monitor the process and serve users before and during the inspection and are in permanent contact with shipping companies, the container terminal, inspection services, tax/Excise, transportation and customs agents.

Finally, the department also includes the Cantodarea Service Company, which provides the logistical support when samples have to be opened, emptied and transported to cooler stores and inspection rooms.
To expedite goods transit through the PIF, a computerised position co-ordination application is available. To register as a user or for any questions related to the services offered by the Marin BIP:
Tel.: (+34)986 83 80 43