Fresh and frozen fishing facilities

397 mberthing line

9 m draught

260.000 m3 cold stores

4.600 m2refrigerated fresh fish hall


The Eastern Pier has 122 metres of berthing line with 9 metres’ draught. The Transverse Leiros Pier has 150 metres’ berthing and 9 metres’ draught; while the Northern Fishing Pier offers 125 metres’ berthing space with a draught of 6.5 metres.

Berths with draughts of between 4 and 6.5 metres are available to fresh fishing vessels. The Port has cold stores with a combined capacity of over 260,000 cubic metres and processing plants for frozen fish products.

4,600 square metres of the coastal fresh fish hall is refrigerated and there are 55 sales rooms for preparing and packaging fresh fish.