Environmental management system


The Port Authority of Marin y Ría de Pontevedra’s Mission is to manage, administer and run the Port and to control Port services, leading the Port community in its constant search for operational excellence and contributing to the development of its area of influence and looking for a balanced relationship with the environment.

As a means of achieving its Mission, the Port defines this Policy within the framework of actions governed by its Management Integrated System for the Quality and Environment, including a commitment to:

  • Identifying the needs and expectations of the Port’s clients and society in order to direct its management towards satisfying such demand by offering an efficient and innovative service and environmentally friendly.
  • Keeping an updated record of port and legal regulations related to environment in order to check legal requirements.
  • Keeping account environmental variables in mind when planning and developing.
  • Making available the installations, infrastructures and equipment necessary for the healthy functioning, minimizing environmental impact, in order to promote port activity.
  • Offering the best service quality while taking into consideration the resources available and identifying all legal requisites and regulations that may be applicable to the Port and ensuring they are fulfilled.
  • Developing a management system based on a programme of continuous quality improvement, increasing the satisfaction of the Port’s clients, and anticipating, controlling and removing when possible any effects that may be damaging to the environment.
  • Continual training of Port Authority personnel to increase awareness of their implication in detecting and solving inefficiencies and in identifying and participating in improvement actions to achieve quality and environmental goals.
  • Having a commitment with the improvement of the environmental conditions in the area by strengthening the culture of respect for the environment among the Port community promoting Environmental Managing Systems in companies.
  • Communicate this Policy, to all its employees and to society and report the achieved goals, allowing the access to environmental information.
  • This policy will be announced, explained and accepted by all employees in the Port Authority of Marin y Ria de Pontevedra and it will be updated as a process of continuing quality improvement.