Maritime traffic control


Ultimas modificaciones: Nuevo Punto de Embarque adicional y establecimiento de velocidad de entrada para buques de determinada eslora (Consejo de Administración 29-02-2024).

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SASEMAR performs the general service of ordination, coordination and control of port maritime traffic, from the Vigo Rescue Coordination Centre (CCS).

Tel: +34 986 22 22 30

All vessels of total length equal to or greater than 20 metres that start / end their entry / exit from the Ría de Pontevedra, either to anchor in said Estuary in one of the anchorages enabled for this purpose, or to go to the port of Marín or other fishing or sporting ports of the mentioned Ría, must contact the CCS (hereinafter "MARÍN TRAFFIC " or "MARÍN TRAFICO " ) through the 10/16 VHF channels marine band at the Notification points established for this purpose.

In this section you can consult the updated Traffic Control Procedure (ref. 000) approved by the Harbour Master’s Office on 20-12-2017, as well as the procedure cards that develop it, the index (ref. 00), an introduction and its annexes (ref. 01), and all the procedures (ref. 02 to ref. 22).

The documentation includes the procedures to be followed by the vessels in the entry, exit, anchoring or arrival, as well as other specific ones, for example of fishing vessels (ref .07, with related documentation in annex VI regarding the area of evolution and manoeuvre of ships in the port of Marin), among others.

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