The Port of Marin has a Closed-Circuit Television system that is currently under expansion and improvement as part of a significant CAPEX programme of various actions in the field of human and vehicle safety and control.

The number of cameras and the CCTV system will be expanded to more than one hundred to improve the footprint of the Port area.

With a budget of over half a million euros, new hi-res digital cameras with better dynamic range are being installed to prevent glare and optimise vision in adverse conditions.

New features will also be incorporated to make it easier to track vehicles on the various roads or to provide for more efficient location of people and vehicles in CCTV footage.

The budgeted capital outlays in security will be completed with improvements to the Port’s Main Gate, which include speeding up the vehicle and pedestrian recognition and accreditation system on entry to the port, improved system hardware and enhanced controls to prevent unauthorised access.