Commercial services



DART (Fruit terminal) OPERATIONS

Main waiting area (DE1):
Truck park while waiting for loading on West Commercial Dock/ South Commercial Dock Esplanade.
Access between Dart and CNSA cereal store (Yellow flow line)
Access to DART loading docks from DE1 when front loading (South Commercial dock), road between Marfrío to DART loading bays. (Red flow line)..

Secondary (DE2):
Leirós Transverse Esplanade.

ONLY TRUCKS WAITING TO LOAD AT DART or others authorised by Port Police. Driver must remain on hand.


Gonvauto: mainly area marked by arrow.
You may use the Eastern Expansion Dock outside painted turning areas, provided there are no ongoing ship operations. If not able to use that dock, you must wait on their concession forecourt opposite the BIP, next to the GON weighbridge).

Yellow blades next to loading bays, yellow blades on road between Protea and railway perimeter fencing. The Port Police may authorise parking next to the roundabout in the weighbridge area.

ONLY TRUCKS WAITING TO LOAD / UNLOAD. Driver must remain on hand.