The Port

President's Welcome


The Port of Marin finds itself at a crucial point in its medium-term development and is currently immersed in several important projects, both with regard to infrastructures and to quality assurance, environmental policy implementation and collaboration with private initiative to capture and consolidate strategic traffic volumes. The common goal is to provide our clients with the best possible service and to enhance what we offer in order to meet the demands of modern international shipping.

This port has set itself the challenge of continuously improving the quality of the services it provides. The quality and safety of our operations, as well as agility and efficiency in the movement of merchandise and goods, are making Marin a highly competitive port, where our close relationship with clients and intermodality are the mainstays of our philosophy.

It is in interests of all of us that make up this community that the Port of Marín continues to grow on all fronts, generating further wealth and employment in our area of influence. I count on everybody to champion that cause ¿ on the effort and dedication of the Port Authority employees, on the support of the relevant government agencies and on the commitment of business enterprises and the clients that form our port community.

It is our mission, and also the challenge facing us, to lead development in the area and turn the Port of Marín into a reference point in the world of shipping.

The President
José Benito Suárez Costa