2017 concluded with an all-time record in terms of freight traffic levels of 2,522,000 tonnes, which represents an increase of 7.4% over 2016, when the previous all-time record had been set. This growth was especially remarkable in the general cargoes sector.

When broken down by types of goods, general cargo showed the strongest increase, growing by 24.30% over 2016, while solid bulks receded by 12%.

The number of vessels docked at port reached 529, with high increase in gross toneage (GT).

The total number of merchant vessels calling at the Port between January and December was 526.

Traffic flow rates over the last decade (in thousands of tons):


The increasing presence of Marin as a port of call on the world¿s most prominent international sea-freighting routes was especially significant in 2017 and enhances its role as an economic powertrain for the entire region.

2017 was, in short, a year of growth for business at the Port of Marin, in which the most prominent feature once again was the close collaboration between the Port Authority and the companies that make up the port community, which in turn underlines the high standard of service provision and operational efficiency that are a key factor in maintaining our competitive edge.