Procurement rules

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1.The only document that attests to the deadlines is published in the Official Gazette.
2.In case of discrepancies between the documentation provided in person and published on the website, the documents delivered in person shall prevail.
3.Applicable legislation: Ley 9/2017, november the 8th, European Parlament Directives 2014/23/UE and 2014/24/UE, february the 26th, 2014. Orden FOM/4003/2008, july the 22nd. and Orden FOM/1698/2013, july the 31st.

Tenders in process

At this time there aren´t tenders in process.

Tenders awarded

At this time there aren´t tenders awarded.

Low tenders awarded

Contratos menores adjudicados tercer trimestre 2018
Contratos menores adjudicados: segundo trimestre
Contratos menores adjudicados. 1º trimestre 2018.
Contratos menores adjudicados. Cuarto trimestre 2017
Contratos menores adjudicados tercer trimestre 2017
Contratos menores adjudicador tercer trimestre 2017

6 low tenders awarded.

Conditions for abandoned vessels


Conditions for granting pilot license