Fish market

The Port of Marin has a modern fish market for top quality species. The Display and Sales Hall is air-conditioned to maintain a steady temperature of 4ºC to prevent the cold cycle in the fish from being interrupted. Furthermore the market is fitted with polyurethane panel partitions to separate the Hall into five different areas.

All-Weather Terminal

Private initiative made the All Weather Terminal at the Port of Marin possible. This is a pioneer building in Spain that enables loading and off-loading operations to take place every day of the year regardless of the weather conditions. It is especially significant for cargoes that are sensitive to damp, such as paper pulp.

Inner railway

The inner Port railway has 7,000 metres of track that enable the cargo trains to reach the goods handling areas both alongside the vessel and at the storage warehouses.

Customs Inspection House

As the port of Marin is an entry point for goods from third country markets, the port has a Customs Inspection House that affords technicians from the Overseas Health and Animal and Plant Health service the latest jeans to carry out strict quality control of the goods coming into the Port.
The Customs Inspection House ensures stringent compliance with all European Union regulations regarding products destined for human or animal consumption.

Container Terminal

The Port of Marin has a modern container terminal with an overall surface of 100.000 square meters and 500 meters long dock with 14 meters draught. It is linked to the main spanish railway system and it has 2 Panamax cranes and 1 Post Panamax crane, 500 reefer terminals and modern facilities to handle containers. It also has a 8.000 m2 warehouse to consolidate and unconsolidate containers, a cleaning area and a repair workshop.

Bulk Animal Fodder Terminal

An intermodal terminal with 367 metres of berthing line and draughts of 9 to12 metres. Two 16 ton x 35 metre gantry cranes, one 30 ton x 23 metre gantry crane, one automobile crane 17/632 TM x 44 ,. and ecological hoppers. Aditional 315 meters log berthing line and draughts of 15 meters

Fruit Terminal

This has 210 metres of berthing space with a up-to 11 meters draught. Covered areas and cold stores. 5.000 square meters area for operations

Cold stores

The Port of Marin is a national reference with regard to frozen fish. It has a total volume of over 250,000 cubic metres of cold storage capacity.

Other infrastructures

- Shipyards: 2
- Dry docks: 1
- Ice plants: 1
- Export offices
- Shipowner offices
- Net repairs
- Chandlers¿ stores
- Fuel supplies