In order to obtain an overall improvement in the logistics offered to our clients by the Port of Marin, all our efforts have been channelled into a number of strategic management practices designed to improve operational performance, balanced infrastructure planning, optimum relations with the local community and strategic quality assurance as the mainstays of the Port¿s management.

Thus the Port has defined the Vision, Mission and Values that shall govern all its actions.


To be the Atlantic Seaboard Port Authority with the greatest recognition by its clients within a culture of dynamic public enterprise, inspired by the satisfaction of customers and employees alike, and in consonance with the local community.


The Management, Administration and Exploitation of the Port and Control of Port Services, leading the port community in its quest for Operational Excellence while contributing to the development of the Port¿s area of influence.


- Customer assistance
- Integrity, honesty and respect for the individual
- Maximum usage of the resources and capacity for work
- Contribution to the development of the local community