Archives of the Port Authority

Code of referenceES APO 36900
TitleArchives of the Port Authority of Marin y Ria de Pontevedra
DatesSince 1867
Size and mediaMore than 4.000 units in paper and other media
Access conditionsDocuments are public and they can be looked up freely, except for legal constraints regarding the laws. For accessing, an application must be addressed to the Port Authority, including the reason of the access.
Copy conditionsThe copy of the documents by any media can be made after requesting the copy services and after paying the appropriate taxes
LanguageDocuments are written in spanish. There are also items in galician, english, frech, protuguese and german
Physical conditionsDocuments in paper are in good conditions due to the enviroment control system
DescriptionInventory stored in computer database

More information can be found at Patrimonio Documental y Bibliográfico from Diputacion de Pontevedra